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The cleaning process carried out by Terry Rowley Mechanical is very thorough. The average duct cleaning takes four to eight hours to complete and is performed by a two-man crew professionally trained in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

1.  We inspect the entire air duct system is to determine the level of contamination. (Interior air may be tested for allergy and disease-causing pollutants, such as fungi.).

2.  Furnishings are protected before the cleaning process begins. Our technicians use drop cloths and boot covers to protect floors and carpeting. All work areas are vacuumed after completion. There will be no evidence of dust or dirt left in any of part of the home as a result of the cleaning process.

3.  Our Truck-Mounted Vacuum Collection System is connected to the ductwork and the entire system is placed under a negative pressure to establish a "containment" on the duct system.

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4.  Vent registers and grills are removed and, if necessary are hand scrubbed and dirty ceilings around vents are vacuumed.*




5.  Supply and return ductwork is mechanically cleaned using our unique process -- a system that brushes, air washes and vacuums all contaminants from the duct system. Small access holes are cut into the ductwork to properly access the system. All holes are properly sealed with access panels. The central unit, fan, filter, plenum, coil are all cleaned using the same process.


6.  Biological contamination are removed from the system and captured in the Vacuum Collection System.


7.  Filter effectiveness is evaluated and high efficiency air filters may be installed in the central air system to prevent it from becoming recontaminated.*


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