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Lennox Gas Furnaces When choosing Terry Rowley Mechanical Inc to install your furnace, you’ll save money while doing your part for the environment: our furnaces provide the optimal combination of comfortable heating and energy efficiency. No matter what type of fuel or heat source your home has, we have just the right hard-working gas or oil furnace.

With cold Canadian winters your furnace is an essential componet of your home comfort system and an appliance that is meant to last many years.  In most new homes the furnace will be gas and will use a forced air system to distribute heat evenly throughout your home.  While gas is the most popular and (usually) the most convenient there are other sources including oil, coal, wood and Liquified Petroleum Gas (or LPG.)  While electrical may still be the only viable option for some parts of your home is is often much more expensive due to the rise in Ontario electricity costs over the past 5 years.

The efficiency of the modern furnaces provided by Terry Rowley Mechanical Inc. can reach up to 98.2% and expell only a small amount of waste gas or heat.


Lennox Gas Furnaces

Which Furnace Should I Choose?

Prior to deciding the ideal heating solution for your home or office it's essential that the informed consumer understands the pros and cons of each system.  Lennox offers several models with a range in price, efficiency and overall rating.  Our experts understand the varying needs of each customer depends on the size of home or business, budget and individualized concerns.  At Terry Rowley Mechanical Inc. we have been serving Milton and area residents for over 20 years and understand the need for a company you can trust and one that will make the perfect suggestions for your unique home or business.

Give the professionals at Terry Rowley Mechanical Inc. a call and we will be there for you, making sure your heating solutions needs are met and that your heating is back under control.    Want to know more about furnace efficiency? See our Furnace Efficiency Information.

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